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Bigger and Bolder. Oden is a larger frame for those wanting broader peripheral in their view. A square look, Oden is set to be timeless. 

Featuring Zeiss Optics and a bespoke handcrafted frame. All Otavi frames are made from original biodegradable Italian Mazzucchelli acetate. Our frames are engineered to spread load across key resting points on the wearer, and with our industry leading finish, it's fair to say they are ridiculously comfortable. 

Favoured by Pilots, all Otavi Sunglasses are manufactured with our unique temples, to ensure comfort while flying with a modern ANR headset.

Lens Width : 54mm
Lens Height : 43mm
Bridge Width : 20mm
Frame Width : 147mm
Temple Length : 145mm
Included with each Oden

• 1 Otavi carrying case
• 1 Otavi microfiber pouch
• 1 Otavi microfiber cloth

Frame Care
Here are a few things to be mindful of when caring for your OTAVI's

  • Make sure to keep your glasses in the provided case and/or pouch when you aren’t wearing them to ensure you don’t lose them, scratch them or accidentally drop your frames.

  • Rinse your glasses with warm water frequently, you can add mild dish soap if necessary to clean, wipe dry with cleaning cloth. Protect your lens, and they will protect you. 

  • Don’t wear your frames on top of your head. This will eventually stretch out the arms and body of the frame over time, altering the fit of the frame. 

  • Most chemicals are not good for your lenses, such as household items like window cleaner or hair spray. Avoid spray sunscreen.

  • Don’t leave your frames in a hot car. Acetate is very reactive to heat, so if your frame is exposed to high temperatures it is possible the frame will need adjustment.

  • Check your glasses regularly to make sure the screws aren’t loose - if you find one that is, tighten it gently with a small screwdriver or stop by your local optician.