OTAVI Eyewear Limited guarantees warranty support for defects in material or manufacturing at OTAVI's discretion for one year from the date of purchase. Warranty excludes product altered after purchase, damage caused by normal wear, and damage caused by improper or unreasonable use. Warranty is void without valid proof of purchase. Questions about the validity of your purchase from an authorized retailer may be sent to customer service at email: info@otavi.co

OTAVI is not liable for any physical damages, incidental or consequential, due to the improper use and wear of your product and will not be accepted under warranty. OTAVI does not cover warranty for frames that are lost or stolen. Scratched or cracked lenses are not covered under OTAVI’s warranty. If you believe your scratched or cracked lenses should be covered under warranty, please contact customer service. To avoid scratching your lenses further always keep your frames safely stored in a case.

OTAVI does not manufacture or sell replacement parts for frames such as a temple, lens or hinge. If you believe that a missing temple, lens or hinge should be covered under warranty, please contact customer support.

If you have just received your order from otavi.co and have questions about your product upon arrival, please reach out directly to OTAVI’s customer service team for immediate assistance.

If OTAVI accepts your warranty and finds upon arrival that there is breach of written or implied warranty, OTAVI has full discretion to deny repair or replacement of the product.